Themes we work with
We are convinced that creativity is a way of approaching complex topics, and that the most profound experiences come from co-creation. The topics that we talk about through creativity are hard to cover in words, and sometimes there are more questions than answers.But a common journey weaves these topics together in a centered field.
Rational humanitarian knowledge and irrational transformational processes working with the foundations of culture (individual and collective). How are our relationships with nature related to each other?
Power and (Non)Violence
What is the nature of violence? What is the difference and interrelation between power and violence? What is the place of power, violence and non-violence in man and in the world? Can we hold on to power and using it without causing violence?
Freedom of being oneself
Only being yourself is not easy. Knowing your inner truth is hard. In the face of the nowadays' complex world, to naturally adjust and remain true to oneself, is a big challenge. This is an art which is takes years to be perfected.
Art as a Transformation
Art as an opportunity to exit from everyday life into a state of deep genuine connection with oneself, others, and the world. Art as a way to become aware of, and manifest the invisible fabric of life: something real, sincere, pristine in ourselves and in the world around us.
The history of mankind is infused with the suffering caused by war. Wars, even though imperceptible to many, are still present and, now in various shapes. Therefore, it is approved by each of us. What must one do to get out of this cycle? What kind of words must one choose in order to be heard?
Reconnection with Earth
The transformation of personality/(identity?) and culture through direct interaction with nature, including cultural and traditional practices. The feeling of being together with nature, the voices of living beings and the inner self.
Social diversity
Our world is immensely vast! Billions of people live in it, and each person is a whole world in itself. A world of worlds. How to make it possible that these billions of worlds live without destroying each other and the world which the share in common?
Keepers of native knowledge
Awareness of the importance and relevance of the residents in local and rural areas. Eco-friendly interaction with each other and with the land. Preservation of traditions and cultural values.
Living Technology
Search for a methodology for working with complex, emergent systems. Search for a technology agenda that is able to consciously address global challenges, instead of neglecting them. The combination of new technologies and traditional practices:Techno-shamanism.
We Here is a cultural movement on the freedom of being oneself, supporting each other's uniqueness and building the shared responsibility for the world we live in.