Imagine that once, humanity forgot a language that we could speak in order to understand one another – to understand even those whose voices are not heard, and those whose characters are different from ours. This language was the knowledge connecting us beyond the borders of the lands, cultures, races, faiths, personal inclinations and bodily features. From this ancient language, only its tools survived: music and lyrics, canvases and brushes, living and playing. These tools remind us that we used to know how to listen and speak in a different way – It is through them that we can co-create and, in the process, learn how to hear those whose voices are often unheard, including ourselves.
Having gathered a team of like-minded people in 2018, we started a joint exploration of the phenomena of discrimination against marginalized groups in the society, in order to support each other and to work with topics that concern us. An ecosystem of communities and people intertwined by common questions and similar drives for creation has gradually begun to grow around. There are no clear boundaries: We Here are informal groups with alternative ways of living, cultural and ethnic minorities, people with special needs and defenders of nature and human rights. We are part of a worldwide movement that stands for the freedom of being ourselves and a shared responsibility for peace. We Here symbolizes a non-violent presence, even when this presence is neglected. Re-learning about ourselves and others, We Here is a project on the edge of the old world and the beginnings of a new culture.

>> Themes we work with <<
We are the air. Not the chest that breathes us.
We are the word. Not the lips that pronounce us.
We are the step. Not the feet that are stepping us.
We are the beating. Not the heart that beats us.
We are the bridge. Not the land that connects.
We are the way. Not the point of arrival or departure.
We are the place. Not the one who takes it.
We do not exist. We just are.

© Zapatista poem
Immersing into the dawn's silence, you will hear the whisper of a new world. A world of support and understanding, shared knowledge and creativity, freedom and trust. Deep within, everyone carries such a world. We Here nourish the threads stretching from heart to heart, connecting all living things. Among the wars we find the paths for unity, among the ruins we raise a new garden. At first, sprouting imperceptibly, but growing stronger and brighter, our movement is paving the way. We are already here, and we are the voices which are here to be heard. We are part of a worldwide movement. We Here – a cultural movement about the freedom of being oneself and the support of each other's uniqueness. The movement of the acceptance of each individual's significance, and the shared responsibility for the world. We Here – the embodiment of inner strength in ingenious creativity, non-violent interaction and the sincerity of being.
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The original website continues here with a poem about Us Here which is not translatable. In short, it pictures the image of modern dervishes of asphalt roads who gathered together in a sincere trust for a new world to be created despite the authorities and borders. From a forgotten wasteland they are walking towards the dreams of freedom, weaving the old knowledge and modern aspiration in their music, lyrics and roleplays.

В глуши на пустоши
Асфальтовых дорог дервиши
Слушали, дышали, слышали
Собравшись в домах заснеженных
Вопреки всех войн бешенства
Надеждой на мир тешились
Вопреки человеческой горечи
Души свои скрещивали
Семена эти взращивали
Простоту со сложностью смешивая
В тепле друг друга нежились
Боль растворяли дивностью
В спорах и в близости
Учились терпению
Вышестоящих властей низменность
Классового большинства мнение
Вопрошали искренностью
Останки старинной письменности
И нового времени рвение
Соединяли в образах, играх, стихах и пении
Внешними границами стиснутые
К свободе растили стремление
Здесь, на прошлого пустоши
Будущего мечты лелеяли
Слушали, дышали, слышали
Просыпающейся Реки течение.

©We Here
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We Here is a cultural movement on the freedom of being oneself, supporting each other's uniqueness and building the shared responsibility for the world we live in.