Invitation to the Russian-American open-Call
Adaptation to change in the Arctic
Building Community-University-NGO partnerships for Fostering Sustainability in the Arctic
Our project focuses on challenges facing Arctic communities, such as climate change and resource extraction. Our lectures and workshops contribute to civic engagement involving local and Indigenous Peoples. We use art, science, local and Indigenous knowledge to explain interdependencies and interrelations within Arctic socio-ecological systems. We find the most effective ways to represent artistically co-created understandings of Arctic sustainability for the wider audience around the World.

We intend to strengthen resilience and adaptation of local and indigenous communities to negative effects of climate change and resource extraction in the Arctic. We facilitate exchange of indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge and find joint solutions to the challenges facing Arctic communities.

Online exhibition
Adaptation to change in the Arctiс
will be opened in the end of 2021. We would like to connect Russian and American art projects that are working with related themes in the Arctic. We will show several works of different autors, put short information about the autors and share links to their pages. We would like to built bridges between ArtScience projects and traditional art.
The dates of the open-call are 15.06-15.07.2021.
Please send your CV and art works:

We will provide an online platform for the exhibition.
Who We Are
We curated a series of exhibitions in Russia. Here is an example of one of them called Climate and People, 2020 Arkchangelsk, Arctic Nature Museum.
Alexandra Orlova
Curator, researcher
Maria Tysiachniouk
Science curator, Ph.D. in Sociology
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